Three Houses

A poet and a writer, suddenly single under similar circumstances, meet at the house where Jack Kerouac toiled in obscurity before On The Road changed his life. Like the famous writer before them, their lives are transformed by this little house. It’s an age old story, told afresh in this collaboration by poet Darlyn Finch and journalist Brad Kuhn, whose chance meeting looses a torrent of passion and poetry. Three Houses is a narrative in verse documenting the ecstasies, agonies and everydays of a phoenix rising from the ashes of their troubled pasts. These are words spoken (and sometimes yelled) heart to heart. Buy now.

I Hate My Banker

A collection of true tales of real conflict between bankers and borrowers. The names and key details have been changed for confidentiality, but there are no composites. As the title suggests, this is no love story. Nor is it a diatribe against bankers. Bankers and borrowers alike will find a lot of themselves in these pages. The book features solutions to 10 problematic scenarios related to borrowing transactions. It also explains the forces shaping current banking practices–which should help borrowers navigate sometimes tumultuous waters.  Buy now.

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