I wear a lot of hats.

This is my hat rack . . .

 the place on the Internet where I hang my hats. This is not my business website — although you can get there from here. Nor is it my blog — same story. If you’re looking for Brad Kuhn the race car driver, you made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. I’ve never met the man myself, but tell him I said hey. If you’re looking for Brad Kuhn the lawyer, or anyone other than me, the writer, click here to pull the ripcord and happy landings.

Still here? Good. Stay as long as you like. If you’re a reporter on deadline or a client trying to find my office, just click on through on the Biz tab and you will be transferred to the worldwide headquarters of Brad Kuhn & Associates, the best darn media strategy and communications company round these parts. The rest of you, kick your shoes off, help yourself to the mini-bar. And if you’ve got a minute, click on the blog tab, and spend a few moments with my muse and views on Raisin Box Trumpet.

If you’re the curious type, click on the Buzz tab. Nothing will happen — I’m not really good at keeping that calendar current — but it does burn calories, and I am, after all, a healthy-lifestyle advocate. For the most up-to-date news,  friend me on Facebook.

Whatever it was that brought you to our door . . . Welcome.

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